UK & Malaysia: Healthcare News Summary (29th June)

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Table of Contents:

1. United Kingdom News

2. Malaysia News

1. United Kingdom News

Headline: UK tests drone to deliver medical supplies to remote areas

Date: 28th June 2020

Source: Al Jazeera

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  • A drone is delivering medical supplies to a hospital on the Isle of Wight (off the south coast of England).

  • This is a government project to develop a transport system that allows manned and unmanned aircraft to operate safely in the same airspace.

Headline: New study to examine lack of 'sunshine vitamin' for those infected

Date: 28th June 2020

Source: Edinburgh News

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  • The COVIDENCE-UK study is led by Queen Mary University (London) partnering with University of Edinburgh and Kings College London, and funded by the Barts Charity.

  • This study has a particular resonance to Scotland where vitamin D deficiency is prevalent due to poor weather.

  • So far, 8000 people out were recruited of the minimal 12,000 people needed for the study - participants can be aged over 16 and come from across the UK.

  • The study aims to also recruit those who have already had proven or suspected COVID-19 and those who have not.

  • The study seeks to include a mixture of people with and without underlying conditions such as diabetes, lung disease, heart disease and high blood pressure.

  • This study will help researchers understand why particular groups are more susceptible to COVID-19.

  • Huge UK Health charities are supporting this study such as: Diabetes UK, the British Lung Foundation, Asthma UK, the British Heart Foundation and National Kidney Federation.

  • Recruits are asked to sign up at:

Headline: UK immigration health surcharge refunds promised by Johnson

Date: 27th June 2020

Source: Work Permit

Monthly Visitors: 279,300


  • Migrant in the UK under a long term visa (such as Tier 2 Visa) will be subject to an immigration health surcharge.

  • The Immigration Health Surcharge in most cases are at £400 per annum in advance for the duration of the visa.

  • UK Prime Minister pledged to refund migrant NHS workers forced to pay the controversial UK immigration health surcharge.

Headline: Doctors plead with holidaymakers to heed social distancing as restrictions ease

Date: 26th June 2020

Source: Express And Star

Monthly Visitors: 249,810


  • The British Medical Association (BMA) released a guideline in England explaining which group of people can go on domestic holidays beginning 4th July.

  • For the tourism industry, the guidelines also explain who is allowed to visit hotels, bed and breakfast facilities and campsites beginning 4th July.

  • The BMA advised against travelling if any person is ill or has COVID-19 symptoms.

  • People are encouraged to wear a face covering when mixing with people outside their "bubble" indoors.

2. Malaysia News

Headline: Yes to Asean 'travel bubbles' but strict SOPs must be in place

Date: 27th June 2020

Source: New Straits Times

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  • Malaysian Public Health Medicine Specialist Association foresees no problem for the country to implement "travel bubbles" between "green countries" especially in ASEAN region.

  • This move will only be limited to a few nations from the region, and then slowly expand to more Asean partners in stages.

  • The first line of countries are: Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and Laos.

  • The second line of countries are: Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia & Myanmar.

  • And at a later stage, Malaysia will welcome the following countries: Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada.

  • And then lastly: Europe, USA, and the Middle East.

Headline: Expats in M'sia can only leave country for emergencies, medical reasons, says Ismail Sabri

Date: 27th June 2020

Source: The Star

Monthly Visitors: 3,465,270


  • Malaysian expatriates can only leave Malaysia in cases of emergency or for medical reasons.

  • Foreigners without any travel documents must first obtain them from their respective embassies.

  • There is no prohibition against foreigners working as crew onboard Malaysian fishing vessels that provide fish supply for the nation.

  • However, such foreigners must apply for a temporary working visit permit and undergo COVID-19 screening, including a 14-day mandatory quarantine. Their employers must also provide them with living quarters.

  • Malaysia's police has also carried out 68 roadblocks and inspected 46,023 vehicles during the nationwide Ops Benteng to prevent illegals from entering the country via "rat lanes" (louring ticks).

Headline: More zoonotic diseases now due to habitat loss

Date: 26th June 2020 Source: New Straits Times Monthly Visitors: 1,520,490


  • There is a widespread belief that COVID-19 is a new zoonotic disease caused by a coronavirus.

  • Coronavirus is a large group of viruses including: hedgehogs, bats, leopards, cats, civet cats, ferrets, and pangolins.

  • However, not all coronaviruses jump directly from the host animal to humans.

  • People should use gloves or Personal Protective Equipment to cover any cut or abrasions to prevent transmissions of infections through broken skin.

Headline: Govt allows entry of medical tourists with critical conditions

Date: 26th June 2020

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

Monthly Visitors: 179,700


  • Foreigners are allowed into the country for medical purposes.

  • This will be implemented in two phases: Phase (1A) & Phase (1B).

  • Phase (1A): involves the relaxation of medical evacuations. This includes patients requiring treatment at ICUs and high dependency units.

  • Phase (1B): allows patients with critical health problems such as cancer, heart and other diseases to enter the country.

  • Foreign nationals seeking medical treatment must first register with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).

  • Medical traveller under Phase (1A) are only allowed to enter via air travel with only one caretaker present.

  • Patients below 12 years old can be accompanied by two caretakers.

  • Such patients would have to undergo COVID-19 tests (3 days) before entering the country, and must download the MySejahtera app before arriving.

  • Hospital transport must be managed by the Hospital or MHTC.

Headline: Health experts confident of zero-case target

Date: 26th June 2020

Source: New Straits Times

Monthly Visitors: 1,520,490


  • Health experts are positive that Malaysia can achieve its target of zero COVID-19 cases by mid of next month, or early August.

  • Malaysians are reminded to be careful of the virus' behaviour which transmits quickly from one host to another.

  • Heath Experts explain that even if a vaccine can be produced, it can only treat the current genetic tool of viruses, as COVID-19 mutates very rapidly.

  • To achieve the target of maintaining COVID-19 at zero level, Malaysia must address the issue of illegal immigrants.

  • There is a massive illegal immigrant population in Malaysia.

  • This group must be traced, tested and quarantined, as they are a potential source for the second wave.

  • Malaysian borders must also be monitored stringently to prevent illegal migrants from crossing the borders freely.

  • In a study, 82% of Malaysian respondents wanted the country's borders to be closed entirely from refugees during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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