UK & Malaysia: Healthcare News Summary (26th June)

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Table of Contents:

1. United Kingdom News

2. Malaysia News

1. United Kingdom News

Headline: UK coronavirus deaths rise by 149 as lockdown lift looms ahead

Date: 25th June 2020

Source: City A.M.

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  • 149 more deaths occurred in the UK, as announced today by the Department for Health and Social Care.

  • The current total number of COVID-19 deaths in the UK: 43,081.

  • The total number takes into account people who died in: (1) hospitals, (2) care homes, and (3) the wider community who were tested positive for COVID-19 as of 5PM on 24th June.

  • The total number does not include all deaths involving COVID-19 in the UK.

  • 167,023 tests were carried out in 24 hours to 9AM on 25th June - 1,118 people were tested positive for COVID-19.

Headline: Medical cannabis treatment in the UK with Professor Mike Barnes

Date: 25th June 2020

Source: Health Europa

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  • Medical Cannabis Treatment Expert, Michael Barnes and Hannah Deacon, launched Maple Tree - a medical cannabis consultancy.

  • The consultancy's goal is to promote the availability of medical cannabis to patients who need it.

  • Maple Tree provides training for two groups of audience: companies and doctors.

  • Maple Tree will train the company staff on medical cannabis and CBD, whereas doctors will be educated about cannabis as it is not covered in their education, through one-day in-person training sessions.

  • In the article, Barnes also provides an in-depth answer about the primary benefits of medical cannabis treatment in neurological rehabilitation treatment.

  • Lastly, Barnes explains about the accessibility of cannabis-based medicines in light of COVID-19, the impact of COVID-19 has on cannabis patients, and how policymakers can alleviate the issue.

Headline: Coronavirus: Prepare now for real risk of COVID-19 second peak, PM warned

Date: 25th June 2020

Source: Yahoo! News (Sky News)

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  • Presidents of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Surgeons, GPs and Nursing appealed to Ministers for an urgent review, to prepare for the second wave of COVID-19.

  • 154 deaths were confirmed on Wednesday.

  • Former Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir David King, warned the risk of COVID-19 increasing during the winter period, and the UK should aim to get rid of the virus before then.

  • Sir David also stated that the UK lacked an effective test and trace system.

  • From 4th July, the guidelines will allow gatherings of two different households indoors, provided social distancing is maintained.

Headline: Coronavirus (COVID-19): returning to work safely

Date: 24th June 2020

Source: Scottish Government Website

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  • The Scottish government is taking a phased approach to ease lockdown measures in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

  • Further details of future changes are available in Phase 2 of the route map, announced on 18 June 2020.

  • Indicative dates for the remainder of Phase 2 & Phase 3 were announced on 24th July 2020.

  • The article consists of a guideline overview for: (1) workers, (2) employers, (3) transport, (4) advice and compliance, and (5) test and protect.

Headline: Free medical cannabis education platform launched in the UK

Date: 24th June 2020

Source: Health Europa

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  • Sapphire Medical Clinics launched a free medical cannabis education platform.

  • This initiative taken is a response to The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

  • Additionally, the initiative was made to improve specific training for healthcare professionals in using cannabis-based medicines.

  • Sapphire Medical Institute (The Institute) currently has 5 successful online webinars made freely available to its members.

  • Such topics include: Medical Cannabis for Pain, Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders and its role in Palliative Care.

  • The Institute has formed partnerships with Cannabis Patient Advocacy & Support Services (CPASS), and PLEA: Patient Led Engagement for Access.

  • To register or find out more, visit:

2. Malaysia News

Headline: Health D-G: Malaysians must embrace new normal

Date: 25th June 2020

Source: New Straits Times

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  • The Health Ministry urges all Malaysians to embrace the new normal and adhere to SOP guidelines.

  • When the MCO began on 18th March, Dr Noor Hisham said Malaysia's labs had a daily testing capacity of 6,210 and had 626 ventilators.

  • Malaysia also had only 4,433 hospital beds and 273 intensive care unit beds for COVID patients.

  • Malaysia reached its peak on 5th April: 2,596 active cases & fatality rate of 1.67%.

  • At the end of MCO (Phase 4) on 12th May, daily testing capacity increased to 27,233. The number of hospital, ICU beds, ventilators increased to 8,794, 438, and 1,097 respectively.

  • Today, Malaysia is capable of performing 36,812 COVID-19 tests (6 times more than before MCO).

  • Active cases have decreased to 208, fatality rate dropped to 1.4%.

  • Malaysia is in the recovery phase.

  • For daily cases, yesterday recorded a total increase of 4 cases - bringing the tally to 8,600.

  • 3 out of 4 cases were imported infections.

  • One remaining case was detected at Enche' Besar Hajjah Kalsom Hospital, Johor.

  • No new deaths reported - death toll remains at 121.

Headline: Some healthcare travellers allowed to enter country

Date: 25th June 2020

Source: New Straits Times

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  • Healthcare travellers categorised under phase 1A and have medical evacuation cases can enter the country for treatment purposes.

  • Phase 1A: are critically-ill patients who require immediate intensive treatment at ICUs or HDUs.

  • Phase 1B: are health travellers with serious health problems under oncology and cardiology can get treatment in Malaysia.

  • Healthcare patients need to obtain an appointment letter from the hospital registered with Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).

  • Malaysia's Special Cabinet Ministers are allowing foreign nationals to enter the country for medical purposes or healthcare travellers.

  • The first phase applies to the RMCO period and international travel restrictions are in force.

  • The first phase is only through air travel. One guardian is allowed to accompany the patient. Patients below 12 are allowed to bring both parents.

  • The guardian should be in the same room as the patient throughout the treatment period.

  • Foreign nationals who wish to come to Malaysia are required to undergo a 3-day COVID-19 screening before entering the country's borders and complete pre-entry conditions.

  • Such foreign nationals must also download the MySejahtera App on their phone.

  • Transportation to the hospital should be arranged by the hospital and MHTC, upon arriving at the airport.

Headline: Welcome back to school! Please follow the SOP

Date: 24th June 2020

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

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  • Malaysian secondary schools are reopened on 24th June.

  • The Ministry of Education has postponed the reopening of public and private preschools and kindergartens which is scheduled for 1st July.

  • School SOPs require daily temperature checks for teachers, students, and school visitors.

  • Persons with a temperature above 37.5 degrees celsius are not allowed into the school.

  • There will also not be any extra-curricular, sports, or outdoor activities until further notice.

  • The Health Director General reported on 23rd June that there were only 3 new cases and no deaths.

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