UK & Malaysia: Healthcare News Summary (15th June)

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

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Table of Contents:

1. United Kingdom News

2. Malaysia News

3. Global News


Headline: Cover face if 2m rule 'cannot be maintained', says health minister

Date: 14th June 2020

Source: BBC News

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  • Wales' Health Minister announced that face coverings should be worn if the 2-metre social distancing rule cannot be maintained.

  • But Minister Vaughan Getting said medical masks should only be worn when anyone enters a hospital, or during direct care of patients.

  • He added that there is little evidence that widespread wearing medical masks benefits medical staff or the public.

Headline: Coronavirus: Social distancing rule revision will have significant impact, says UK chancellor

Date: 14th June 2020

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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  • UK Prime Minister to revise the 2 metre social distancing rule after receiving backlash from the hospitality industry.

  • Ministers are pressured from Conservative MPs - the latter sees the easing of the 2 metre rule as a chance to reopen the economy.

  • Labour’s shadow home secretary said the 2 metre rule should be relaxed only if backed up by science.

Headline: UK COVID-19 death toll rises by 36, lowest daily tally during lockdown

Date: 14th June 2020

Source: Reuters

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  • UK death toll cases is at 41,698 on 13th June.

  • The rise is the lowest since 22nd March.


Headline: MMA: Take action against 'middlemen' taking advantage of Covid- 19 screening

Date: 14th June 2020

Source: The Star

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  • COVID-19 screenings are openly advertised online for commercial gains, but no actions were taken by authorities.

  • MMA president stated that clinics must comply with strict SOP standards for approval of screening and onsite sampling.

  • The MMA reminds all medical practitioners of the legal implications and also, to maintain high levels of ethics in their practice.


Headline: Health Ministry calling for more blood donations

Date: 14th June 2020

Source: Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

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  • World Health Organisation recommends we should collect 70,000 blood units per annum.

  • Just over 200,000 units of blood is donated annually by members of the public in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Long-term Strategies Implemented: (1) Blood Transfusion Committees have been re-instituted in each Regional Health Authority. (2) Established a National Blood Donor Committee. (3) Chit-chat based blood donation system is now turned into a voluntary non-remunerable system.

  • The public can visit any of the national blood donation centres to donate.

Headline: Bloody Well Pay Them: The Case for Voluntary Remunerated Plasma Collections

Date: 14th June 2020

Source: Niskanen Center

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  • Global shortage of blood plasma to carry out plasma therapies.

  • Most people from developing countries do not have appropriate plasma therapy treatment.

  • Shortages are significantly exacerbated by the World Health Organisation policy, that is to rely on Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donations.

  • Countries such as: UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand are increasingly dependent on imports of plasma therapies. This inflates global blood plasma price, making it unaffordable for low-middle income countries.

  • To ensure sufficient supply of plasma; UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand should adopt Voluntary Remunerated Plasma Collections.

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