UK & Malaysia: Healthcare News Summary (10th July)

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Table of Contents:

1. United Kingdom News 2. Malaysia News

1. United Kingdom News

Headline: ‘A national disgrace’: call to improve medical cannabis access in the UK Date: 8th July 2020 Source: Health Europa Monthly Visitors: 222,570


  • A mother wrote an open letter to the UK Government, urging officials to make medical cannabis accessible to patients.

  • The mother has a young boy suffering from refractory epilepsy.

  • To date, the UK's law change in 2018 only resulted in 400 private prescriptions and 2 NHS prescriptions were made.

  • The aforementioned mother was one of the campaigners for the End Our Pain Campaign.

  • The Campaign advocates for medical cannabis to be accessible, and raise funds to pay for children's medicine.

  • However, the Campaign faced setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The UK government replied to the mother's letter stating there is strong evidence cannabis can 'harm mental, physical health and damage communities'.

  • The government affirms in its letter that the ability to prescribe medical cannabis is not a political/financial decision, but a medical expert's decision.

  • A group of scientists produced a medical cannabis white paper to explore how prescribing this medication can be reformed.

2. Malaysia News

Headline: Migrants endorse Malaysian hospitals for good treatment

Date: 9th July 2020

Source: The Sun Daily

Monthly Visitors: 186,690


  • Since the reopening of Malaysia's medical tourism, foreign patients have been travelling to the country seeking medical treatment.

  • A Pakistani man who accompanied his father receiving medical treatment stated that Malaysian doctors and nurses treated them well.

  • They were provided with food and daily change of clothes during their stay.

  • The Pakistani man also said he received frequent medical updates about his father's condition before passing away.

  • He also expressed his gratitude that the Malaysian government offered free treatment for COVID-19 migrants like himself.

  • He revealed that the initial test at a private hospital costs RM 580 each.

Headline: Malaysia Faced Covid-19 With ‘Glass Half Full’ Approach: Expert

Date: 8th July 2020

Source: Code Blue

Monthly Visitors: 1,650


  • The Institute for Health Systems Research (IHSR) commented that local health authorities took a "half glass full" approach to the pandemic.

  • This approach contributed to the success of flattening the COVID-19 curve.

  • IHSR elaborated on this approach saying Malaysia was realistic on how it handled the pandemic.

  • Malaysia was limited in terms of human resources, medical equipment, supplies, etc.

  • But the country optimised on existing resources to overcome the challenges.

  • IHSR proudly commented that Malaysia had mobilised its fullest potential in the primary healthcare sector.

Headline: Life-changing healthcare breakthrough towards Malaysia 5.0 — Afifah Suhaimi

Date: 7th July 2020

Source: Malay Mail

Monthly Visitors: 974,670


  • Global consulting firm, McKinsey, wrote an article 'Finding the future of care provisions: The role of smart hospitals'.

  • The article explains how technologies have altered patient's expectations.

  • There is increasing demand for healthcare services to be delivered efficiently and in comfortable near-normal settings.

  • Without significant structural and transformational changes, healthcare systems will struggle to remain sustainable.

  • Technologies like: AI, robotics, precision medicine, 3D printing, virtual reality, genomics and telemedicine can help meet these challenges.

  • These medical transformations needed are in line with Malaysia 5.0.

  • Malaysia 5.0 envisions the usage of both physical and digital worlds (4th Industrial Revolution).

  • 4 Key Trends to Reshape the Healthcare System: - From Disease-centred to Patient-Centred Care - Virtual Healthcare Assistants - Highly Integrated Data and Platforms - Precision Medicine

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