Healthcare Media Report: 12th May 2020

Updated: May 19, 2020

Headline: Are You Going to the Gomen Hospital During MCO? You May Be Overcrowding it

Date: 12 May 2020

Source: Cili Sos

Monthly Visitors: 58,920


  • 28 out of 140 Malaysian public hospitals are overcrowded, forcing the government to implement measures to tackle this issue.

  • Such measures include: (1) extending operating hours to 10PM, (2) accepting consultations on weekends, and (3) shifting certain operations online.

  • Other measures include: delivering medicine to patient's houses, setting up drive-thru pharmacies and pharmacy appointment systems.

Headline: Covid-19: Malaysia contributes medical equipment to Palestine

Date: 12 May 2020

Source: Malay Mail

Monthly Visitors: 831,570


  • Malaysia sent medical equipment to Palestine yesterday via an AirAsia plane.

  • The equipment includes 500,000 units of gloves and 500 units of face masks.

Headline: Demand for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) To Be Fueled By Changes in Consumer Perception In The Light of COVID-19

Date: 11 May 2020

Source: Jewish Market Reports

Monthly Visitors: 131,730


  • The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Market Research analyses the growth trends prevailing in the global business arena.

  • It also provides the regarding the pharmaceutical market, size, commercialisation aspects and revenue forecast of the industry.

  • Malaysia is also included in the report's regional analysis.

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